Raw Vegan Recipes

Recipes added regularly!  This is the new home of my raw vegan recipes along with nutritional information for a healthy body and mind. You'll soon find more of my recipes for green and fruit smoothies, juices and meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and more. Raw chocolate too!  I have quite a few of my recipes on my other blog that I'll be moving over to this one, as well as on my Instagram - feel free to follow!  And of course, I'll be blogging all of my other recipes that are piled up in my kitchen that are just waiting to be discovered ;)


Smoothies, Shakes & Parfaits
Guilt-Free Chocolate Shake
Coconut Fruit Smoothie Bowl
Chocolate Crunch Smoothie - Raw Vegan Shake
Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl
Green is the New Orange
Cherimoya Parfait Smoothie
Chocolate Coconut Smoothie
Tropical Peachy Green Smoothie
Strawberry Mint Swirl Smoothie
Blueberry Plum Green Smoothie
Green Custard Smoothie - Raw & Vegan
A&J Smoothie - Almond Butter and Jam
Green Chocolate Smoothie
Chocolate Jam Swirl Smoothie
Black Cherry Chocolate Smoothie
Dragon Fruit Delight Smoothie Parfait
Chocolate Grape Smoothie
Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

Juice and Beverages
Watermelon Mint Slushy

Spicy & Savory Brussels Sprouts
Raw Apricot Bars
Raw Vegan Onion Rings
Raw Vegan Pizza Rounds and Poppers
Mango Strawberry Rolls
Raw Green Protein Bars
Raw Vegan Pizza Balls - version II

Main Meals & Side Dishes
Zucchini Rolls with Cashew Pine Nut Cheese
Raw Vegan Pizza - Nut and Gluten-Free Crust
Raw Vegan Lasagna
Raw Vegan "Baked" Beans
Raw Vegan Puerto Rican Rice
Raw Eggplant Spinach Zucchini rolls with Sunflower Seed Pate
Raw Pizza and Flatbread - Spinach Basil
Raw Vegan Sloppy Joes
Raw Vegan Veggie Lasagna Stack
Raw Vegan Veggie Burgers
Tomato Stack
Raw Vegan Pizza with Spinach Basil Pesto
Raw Vegan Whipped "Tators" - Mashed Cauliflower
Herb Smoked Lasagna - Raw Vegan
Raw Pizza Crust (tweaked from my original recipe)
Taco Night - Walnut Mushroom Filling
Nut-Free Taco Filling, Pico de gallo and Green Baja Sauce
Mexican Pizza - The Raw Vegan Way
Raw Lasagna - Marinated Portobellos with Vegan Herb "Cheese"
Raw Vegan Veggie Burgers - Nut-Free
High Raw - Vegan Quinoa Collard Wraps with Special Sauce
Raw Taco Salad with Spicy Hemp "Cheese" Dressing

Raw Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake
Raw Chocolate Chunk Cookie Fudge Brownies
Raw Chocolate Almond Bars
Single Serve Raw Vegan Nut Fudge Brownie
Chia Coconut Cinnamon Chocolate Strawberry Parfait
Raw Chocolate Cake with Orange Fudge Icing
Raw Vegan Cacao Beetroot Cake with Fudge Frosting
Raw Vegan Brownie Bars
Raw Lemon Lime Coconut Cheesecake
Raw Cinnamon Chile Chocolate Truffles

Cookies and Bliss Balls 
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and Bliss Balls
Raw Carrot Cake Cookies - Vegan and Nut-Free
Raw Fudge Cookies and Freezer Fudge
Sweet Potato Fudge Cookies - Semi Raw & Vegan

Breads, Wraps & Crackers
Soft Spicy Corn Tortillas
Carrot Pulp Bread
Spinach Basil Flatbread or Pizza Crust
Raw Vegan Veggie Herb Flatbread

Dressings, Sauces and Cheese
Raw Ranch Dressing or Dip
Raw Vegan Cashew Pine Nut Cheese
Sweet n Spicy Dip/Sauce/Dressing (with onion rings!)
Raw Vegan Spicy Hemp Cheese Sauce
Raw Vegan Fig Dressing
Raw Vegan Sauce for "Baked" Beans (or veggies)
Orange Bell Pepper Hemp Cheese Spread
Spinach Basil Pesto on my Raw Vegan Pizza
Green Baja sauce (and other goodies)
Hemp Cheese - Mildy Spicy Version (Mexican Pizza)

Jams & Spreads
Sweet Lemon Spread/Icing & Carrot Bread
Raw Blueberry Jam


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