Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mango Strawberry Rolls

Mango Strawberry Rolls

Just cut into a fresh mango and want to turn it into something fun?  Or perhaps you have a romantic day or evening planned with your special someone and want to add a little more sweetness to it.  Well here's a quick and easy idea:

Mango Strawberry Rolls

Sharp knife
Mango cutter if you have one - I got mine at Target and LOVE it!

Cut the fresh mango.  With a sharp knife, cut very thin slices and set aside.  Chop the strawberries.  Now this part is a little messy and sticky, but worth it.  Put some chopped strawberries on the mango strip and roll it up.  Set aside and roll as many as you wish.

I garnished mine with cilantro, but mint would be perfect.


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