Kitchen Equipment

Just like with regular cooking, kitchen appliances and gadgets are essential in preparing food.  While you do not need expensive or top of the line equipment, I have found the better the quality, the longer it lasts and the better it performs.  That does not mean you have to buy the most expensive.  As long as it does the job at hand, you're good.  In fact, in the beginning you can most likely start with what you currently have in your kitchen and expand from there as you need. 

It actually took me a while to acquire some of the more expensive items that I now have, but we still got a great deal on them with coupons and Mark's researching.  He is excellent with comparison shopping (he does dishes too!).  Because my recipes are taking me further than I thought they would, I have a variety of kitchen goodies that continues to grow.  Here's a list of items that you may/will need and/or eventually may want:

Powerful Blender - If you plan on making your own nut milk or butter, "ice cream" (aka "nice cream) or huge smoothies, then you definitely want a powerful blender.  There are many on the market now to select from.  I have a Vitamix and use it several times daily - from smoothies to soup to desserts to nut milks and butters.  It is a workhorse and can’t imagine not having one.

Good Food Processor – I have a Cuisinart 11 cup and am very happy with it.  For me, I'm now in need of a larger one due to what all I make.

Juicer -  I have a Hurom Slow Juicer (cold press/masticating), but whatever juicer you are able to purchase is better than buying store bought.

Variety of good knives – A set of sharp knives in a variety of sizes is a must.  You’ll use them several times a day.

Spiral Vegetable Slicer – This isn’t necessary, but if you love spaghetti then you will want this as it makes yummy zucchini noodles!  I have an inexpensive Paderno World Cuisine that works perfect.

Mandoline Food Slicer – This comes in handy, especially for making lasagna noodles with zucchini, veggie and fruit chips and so much more.  A variety of knives will do the same thing, but this will save you time, etc.

Coffee/Spice GrinderI have a good coffee grinder and it works perfect for grinding my flax seeds into flax meal, as well as small amounts of seeds, nuts and spices

Nut Bags - Or other fine mesh strainers.  If you plan on making your own nut milk or sprouting, I recommend a nut bag.  I’ve tried using cheese cloths, but it was one big mess so I stick with the bags.

Sealed Containers/Mason Jars - For storage of your nuts, seeds, superfoods, grains, etc. I recommend air tight jars or similar containers.

Spring Form Pans - For all those yummy desserts you'll be making... and non-desserts too.

Food Dehydrator – Not necessary, but great to have.  And no, it's not just to dehydrate food into little chips - there are many recipes that you can make using the dehydrator from breakfast to dinner to dessert. I didn’t think I would need one, but eventually bought an Excalibur 5 tray and it’s perfect for what I need at this time.

I'll be adding more to this list later on, especially some fun gadgets.