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Raw Carrot Pulp Bread

Raw Carrot Pulp Bread

We love carrot bread!  Just because we eat a raw diet doesn't mean we can't have it - especially since it's raw.

I finally came up with a pretty decent raw version that is also nut-free, and as always gluten-free and vegan.  Mark gave it two thumbs up with a big ear to ear chipmunk face grin, so I guess it passed the taste test. 

Raw Vegan Carrot Bread - Gluten-Free and Nut-Free

I played around with my basic flat bread recipe until I came up with this delicious bread.  Above is the entire loaf after 2 hours in the dehydrator.  Next I cut the scored sections into slices and back into the dehydrator it went for a few more hours.

Delicious and Healthy Raw Bread

I love everything about this bread, from flavor to texture.  Let me back up, when it is finished, the outer layer may seem a little dry, but bite into it and the moist carrot bread flavor will burst in your mouth!  The texture is dense, but not too heavy or wet.  In fact, I think the texture looks very similar to baked carrot bread.

Once the bread cools, store it in a sealed container and place in fridge.  It is even BETTER after a few hours in the fridge - very moist and oh so good!  Okay, I'll stop drooling over my bread and get to the recipe.

Raw Carrot Pulp Bread

Dry mix:
1 cup flax meal
1/2 cup hemp heart seeds
1 Tbs Psyllium husk
1/2 cup coconut flower
1 tsp Saigon cinnamon (regular is fine)
1/4 tsp ginger powder
pinch of sea salt

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and set aside.

Wet mix:
2 cups carrot pulp
1 ripe banana
1 cup dates
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup water
1/3 cup heaping raisins

Put all of the above wet mix *except raisins* into a food processor and process until well combined. 

Add the wet mixture into the dry mix bowl along with 3/4 cup additional water.  Add in the raisins.  This will be a thick dough like mixture.

Put mixture onto a dehydrator sheet, work it into a ball and then hand form it into a loaf.  Score the loaf at approximately 3/4" thick which will give you about 1/2" or so slice.  If you want a thinner or thicker bread, just remember to allow for shrinkage and adjust the time accordingly.

Place in dehydrator at 145° F for 1 hour.  After 1 hour, carefully remove it from the sheet and onto the mesh tray - do not flip it over.  Put the loaf back into the dehydrator for 1 hour at 115° F.  After the 1 hour, remove again and put on cutting board.  Cut the scored sections into slices.  Place the slices back onto the mesh tray and into the dehydrator at 1105° F for another 4-6 hours.  Total time in the dehydrator is approximately 6-8 hours.  Please note that time will vary due to weather, moisture, thickness of slices, preference, etc.

I already have plans for other breads, so stay tuned :)

Oh I almost forgot!  I made a spread for the bread, but it is so good we really didn't need it.  However, since I have it shown I will give the recipe for that too.  It's pretty basic and is also used in some deserts I make.

Sweet Lemon Spread/Icing

1/2 cup heaping cashews - soaked, rinsed and drained
juice of 1 lemon
2 Tbs agave
turmeric, peeled - about a pinky finger tip size
1/8 cup water

Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy.  Depending on blender type, you may need to adjust the water.  This is a tasty spread/icing that can be used on crackers, bread, cakes, pies, fruit, veggies... so many things.

Enjoy creating!


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