Monday, March 31, 2014

Green is the New Orange - Raw Vegan Smoothie

Green Smoothie - raw, vegan and gluten-free

Want a quick, nutritious and tasty way to start your day?  Try my Green is the New Orange smoothie.

One of the ingredients in this green smoothie is Matcha green tea powder.  Matcha is like no other green tea as you are ingesting the whole leaf and is 10 times more nutritious than other green tea's. You can drink it straight as a hot tea, add to smoothies or other recipes.  It has a very green, earthy herbal type flavor and aroma.  I love it and can drink it straight, but if you're not into greens, you may want to add sweetener to it.

The health benefits of Matcha are numerous and some are:
*Rich in nutrients
*Energy Booster, but *not* like caffeine - it is subtle, does not cause the jitters and provides 4-6 hours of mild steady energy
*Powerful Detoxifier and Antioxidant
*Boosts metabolism and burns calories
*Calms and relaxes while keeping you alert

It is said that over a thousand years ago Monks in Japan would drink Matcha tea during long meditation to keep them alert yet calm. This is due to Matcha is rich in L-Theanine.  But not all Matcha tea's are the same. I use Organic Ceremonial Grade which is a high grade quality powder - do your research.  One final note - if you're new to Matcha, start with 1/2 tsp for about 1 week then 1 tsp per day max - in my opinion.  I drink it almost every day and can definitely feel the benefits.

Green is the New Orange

2 handfuls spinach
1 tangelo
1/2 cup mango
2 bananas
1/2 cup water (adjust as needed)
1 Tbs flax meal
1 tsp Matcha

Blend until smooth and creamy, pour into mug and enjoy!


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  1. I am a big time fitness freak and that is why I never forget to add Green drink and smoothies in my daily routine. These drinks are not only yummy but also carry many health benefits. So thank you so much for sharing it here.


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