Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chocolate Crunch Smoothie - Raw Vegan Shake

Raw Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

Yesterday was an extremely busy hair pulling day for me and I do believe that I was going in several directions at once.  When I finally stopped, I was beside myself - literally.  We both looked at each other and agreed that there was just one thing on my (our) mind and it was one of my chocolate smoothies.  But this time with a crunch factor.  And more chocolate.

So I put on my mad scientist outfit and channeled Gene Wilder (from Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein).  My laughter and excitement overcame me while creating.  I'm sure my neighbors were wondering what was going on.  Then it was complete.  I.  MADE.  FIRE!  Oops... wrong movie. 

I initially named it Chocolate Crunch Stress Relief Smoothie.  It is out of this world and was exactly what I needed.  Rich chocolate taste - check.  Thick and creamy - check.  Crunch factor - check.

So now I present to the world my creation! 

Chocolate Crunch Smoothie - Raw Vegan Shake
1 healthy serving

1 cup coconut water
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 Tbs cacao powder
1 Tbs cacao butter (approx 1" chunk)
1 Tbs coconut oil
2 large frozen ripe bananas
1 Tbs cacao nibs

Put all ingredients into vitamix/blender *except* the cacao nibs, and blend until thick and creamy. With the blender running, add the nibs for just a quick moment to break them down a little bit so that you still have the crunch factor.  Pour into a big mug, stick a straw in, find a cozy spot and let the stress melt away. Ahhhhhh... just what the doctor in me ordered.

Peace ☮,


  1. I've seen her when she gets into her "mad scientist" mode! Trust me, at times, even I wonder what she's up to! But let me tell you..... her creations are simply the greatest! I am honored and very lucky to be her official taste-tester and guinea pig!

  2. I found your first blog by chance and now this new one, so pleased!
    I'm buzzed head and loving it and changing my diet to vegetarian and vegan
    I will share your blog on my Facebook-

    See you soon!


  3. Awe honey (Mark) thanks so much - lol! You are the best guinea pig ever! ;)

  4. Thanks Ariane, I appreciate that so much! Hope you're loving the diet change and find lots of yummy recipes :)
    Glad to have you here!


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